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Charles Fry
Born in United States
61 years
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brandon I remember him :-) July 30, 2014
Early 1990s, Gilbert Elementary, I was no more than 7 years old - now 30.  God be with him and your family.  
Simon Kim It is weird that he isn't here anymore. May 10, 2013
I only had Mr Fry for a couple of months. I remember he would play basketball with us during PE. He knocked me over so many times while I was setting screens while telling me to hold my ground. He was great. Playing basketball was fun with him. He seemed so healthy then. It was like nothing was wrong. It has been a long time. Now I feel more towards him because I realize that my first year with him was his last year with us. He lived as he was happy I guess. Thats what should set me at peace. He would be proud of his life.
Lisa Huerta
Mr. Fry was my 6th grade teacher at Gilbert Elementary during the '97-'98 school year - his last year there.  He was also my PE teacher at Buena Park Jr. High the following two years.  Over the last few months I had been trying to get back in touch with him, and I was heartbroken to find out that he had passed away. 
Mr. Fry was hands down the best teacher I had in elementary and jr. high.  I look back to all the great memories I had, and they all go back to his classes.  In 6th grade, he would put the names of the students with detention on the chalk board.  One day, I walk in to see my name up on the board.  I was so panicked! I had never gotten detention before! I couldn't muster the courage to ask why, and Mr. Fry never brought it up, so I sat in class all day, trying to figure out what homework assignment I had forgotten to turn in!  At the end of the class, Mr. Fry finally says: oh, Lisa, by the way... April Fools!  That was probably the most amazing April fools prank I've ever received; it was hilarious!  I'll never forget his "Smarties for Smarties," and the mock Egyptian funeral.  Mr. Fry had a way with students that made him fun while challenging us to our full potential.  I felt he saw things in me I didn't see, and he always challenged me to do better.  In another occasion, I was giving a speech to a large portion of the student body.  I was beyond nervous when I started, and I couldn't help but to glance at him in the audience.  He gave me a look that I'll never forget: total encouragement and support, and he gently lipped "slow down."  From that moment on, I felt so comfortable.  I received 3rd place for my speech, and I credit him entirely for helping me through it.  And when things didn't go right, he knew what to say while keeping everything realistic.  Despite how awesome and fun he was, he still had an unwavering sense of authority.  I remember at Buena Park Jr. High, a crazy fight broke out between two students.  One teacher tried to come in and he just got pushed to the ground.  Another teacher tried to break it up, and he took a hit to the face, cutting him.  Mr. Fry was half way across the field, and had started walking briskly towards the fighters.  All it took was someone to yell "Mr. Fry is coming" for the two guys to immediately stop, turn, and run away!  That's right! No one messes with Mr. Fry!! 
I could go on and on, but in the end it comes down to one thing: there was no one like him.  To this day, I continue to use the life lessons I learned from him.  I only wish I had known and had the opportunity to talk to him again, and tell him how grateful I am to had been his student.  I will truly miss you! 
bob mcdonald
As I read of Charlie’s life and the accolades from those who knew him and whose lives he influenced in small or large ways none of it surprises me in the least, A finer person in heart and soul would be hard to find. If you look at the pictures of him over the years you notice one constant: his radiant, open and welcoming smile that gave witness to his love of life. I think that is the first thing I noticed when we first met 40+ years ago while at UCSB. It was 1970 and we were both working as dishwashers for an off campus dining hall and we became fast friends. One day the manager came to us and said that due to budget cuts he could only keep one of us and we should decide who between the two of us. Being self supporting at the time I was depressed and under the guise of saying he was going to talk to the manager about us splitting the job he promptly went in and quit so I could keep the full shift. And that was Chuck, selfless and looking out for the other guy. We introduced one another to our respective friends and a fellowship grew out of that blending that would last many years and see many great adventures together. Hikes along the mountain trails of Santa Barbara, gathering at the cliffs each evening to watch the sunset over the ocean or just sitting around sharing food and brews and talking of all the adventures yet to come, we were a true band of brothers and though time and life itself sent us all in different directions the bonding of those days remained with us always. Charlie was a man of the earth, his head was never in the clouds and his heart was always true. It does not surprise me that he went on to be a teacher as this was the logical culmination of his persona – to mentor, to help and to give back.
So I took a hike today, one of the ones we all enjoyed together back then, and thought of you at every inspirational viewpoint and with every breath of good of mountain air, I gave you my eyes and my ears and my nose today my brother, that you could see and hear and smell again that which you loved so much. I gave you a shout out at the top and heard the wind answer with your soulful Charlie laugh riding the breeze.
Rest easy my friend, you are loved.
- “Mac”
Steve Schwind
When I was a rookie training to be a Fireman on Mammoth Lakes Fire Department Charlie helped with our training. Charlie was always there to show and teach us what we need to know to successfully complete our training.  Charlie, because he was so helpful, was a Mammoth Fireman I really looked up to. When we passed our training C Fry continued to help us be the best firefighters we could be serving the community of Mammoth Lakes.  I know the solid foundation and helpful attitude I learned from Charlie had a lot to do with me becoming a Captain on Mammoth Fire Department.

I will miss you and always remember Thanks C Fry
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