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Charles Fry
Born in United States
61 years
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Suzanne Huerta

 I met Charlie about 12 years ago at Buena Park Junior High.  He was always so sweet and helpful.  His dedication and love for this school was endless.  Everything he did, he did it with 110%.  You can always count on him to help out with anything when necessary.  In 2004 my sister decided that she wanted to go on the DC trip at BPJH, however, she would only go if I went with her because she was afraid to fly.  I did not have the money to afford this trip, so I did everything I could to raise money.  One thing I did was have weekly yard sales.  Well, Charlie and Karen went through their entire house and they were constantly donating stuff for me to sell at my yard sales.  That meant so much to me.  He was so giving and gracious.  I left the junior high in 2004, but I am always coming back to visit or help out teachers.  Everytime I visited, I would have a "visitor" sticker on, and he would always say, "Take that off!  You are not a visitor!  You are family!" And then I would get a hug from him.  I will miss that!  I will miss him talking to me about Caitlyn and being so proud of what she is doing.  Such a proud father!  His love towards Karen, his children, family, and of course, the BPJH family and students was AMAZING!  His presence is missing at the school now, but as the poem above says, he will forever be in out hearts!  Miss you Mr. Fry!

  Thanks for everything you have taught me!
James Quinby
Some time druing the late 70's AYSO soccer came to Mammoth. With the new excitement of another outlet for the local kids came the need for some one to officiate the rules of the game. Charlie was one of the volunteer referees. Happily herding gaggles of kids through the numerous weekly games. The majority of the parents were very ignorant of the rules,and resorted to the more typical shouts of encouragement that were commonly heard at the Highschool foot ball games. One Saturday the vocal parents grew so out of hand Charlie  stopped the game,and Yellow Carded the Fans,and gave a stern lecture to all who would listen about proper etiquette. He ,was head, and shoulders above the common man.
Kirby Nellis
This is a re-post from FaceBook.

Charlie was always an inspiration to me mainly due to one call very early in my time on the dept. It was during my first year on the dept. when everything was new and amazing. We got a call of a structure fire at a small motel on Center St. behind the VI. I don't recall the name but I believe it is now a B&B. It had a center court with stairways going up both sides. The fire was upstairs, in the rear, on the east side. We arrived on scene, jumped off Squad 4 and donned airpacks. Charlie leading all the way. He pulled the pre-connect and headed for the stairs. There were posts on the stairway that would have limited our length so he handed me the nozzle while he went around the posts and then we continued pulling up the stairs bypassing the posts. He yelled to give him some hose and threw himself down onto the deck of the balcony and sprayed the fire that was rolling across the ceiling from the room involved. Knocking that down he advanced another 20' and did it again, and again one more time after that. This allowed us to get to the door of the room involved and enter to knock down the fire and save the structure. All with less than 300 gal. of water and in way less time than it took to type this. I was in awe of his abilities and based most of my later attacks on that one scenario. Thank you Charlie for training me well and giving me good memories.


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